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"Brains for Days" Awards! - Zombie Truck Stop [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Brains for Days" Awards! [Feb. 1st, 2010|03:59 pm]
It's awards season! No, I don't mean the Golden Globes, or the SAG Awards. (SIDEBAR: Does anybody really give a flying fuck about the SAG Awards?) I mean the blog awards! If you're reading pretty much any of the horror blogs out there, you've seen various grassroots awards being handed out by blogs of note (or not-so-note) to blogs of note, as well as commercial horror sites bestowing honors (amidst increasing controversy). So, much like Madonna, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of something cool just a smidge too late and make it my own. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Zombie Truck Stop "Brains for Days" Awards!

(NOTE: I would have given these out in my regular Gay of the Dead blog, but since Fangoria.com has been down for weeks, and irregular for months, I decided not to wait and post them here.)

(DISCLAIMER: Had these appeared in my Gay of the Dead blog, I would have to say: These are my awards, not FANGORIA's awards. Yes, you get the amazing honor of being told you're awesome by me, independently!)

(ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I read lots of blogs, and they're awesome. If I didn't mention yours, I still love you!)

Here's all I ask of the winners (I hate to say, "Here are the rules..." because really, who am I to tell you what to do with your blog?): Post the award and the lovely art somewhere in your blog. That's it! Now, most of these awards ask the recipient to then name their winners for the same award, and so on, and so on, in a daisy chain of blog flogging, and I think that's awesome. If you want to do that, great. But honestly, that's a lot of pressure, so feel free to just bask in your winning glow and keep it all to yourself.

I also didn't break these into categories, but feel free to do so if you're inclined.

Not all of these blogs are gay, and not all of them are specifically horror related. But they all are great reads, so check them out!

First up is Dave White Knows, written by Dave White (aka DJ Mrs. White in the Library with the Lead Pipe when he's spinning at the Eagle here in Los Angeles...). Dave writes movie reviews, live blogs TV shows, and generally mouths off about stuff on sites like Popnography.com, TheAdvocate.com and Movies.com. He's also written an amusingly cranky and readable memoir, EXILE IN GUYVILLE: HOW A PUNK ROCK REDNECK FAGGOT TEXAN MOVED TO WEST HOLLYWOOD AND REFUSED TO BE SHINY AND HAPPY. His blog is a clearing house for all things he finds interesting, which can range from what he cooked for dinner to general lawbreaking taking place outside his kitchen window.

Camp Blood was my introduction to gay horror blogging. I have no idea if it was the first gay horror website, but it's pretty much the best as far as I'm concerned. Head Counselor Buzz has branched out into other gay and/or horror blogs over the years, but I prefer to follow him and his counselors deep into the woods surrounding that camp, you know, the one where that little boy drowned in the lake...

Dougsploitation is Doug Prinzivalli's love letter to everything pop culture, with a healthy dose of horror flicks in the mix. Exhaustive overviews of NIGHT OF THE DEMON, Shazam and Isis, and Dolly Parton are some of him most recent entries, along with tons of info on the new webseries he co-produced, PRETTY. Fun personal fact: Doug's Wonder Woman obsession threatens to become unmanageable.

Lest you think all I read are gay blogs, let me introduce you to my straight friend, The Vault of Horror. Brian Solomon has created pretty much the gold standard of horror blogs that are still on the semi-pro side (as opposed to commercial sites). He's hugely prolific, updating sometimes more than once a day, (current entry count for January 2010 - 35 entries), all while maintaining FOUR other blogs. He's also the mentor for Day of the Woman (see below), and the creator of the "Ms. Horror Blogosphere" contest. He even has his seven year-old daughter doing a blog about books called Book Town (I feel like there must be some sort of child labor violation going on here...).

Billy Loves Stu, and I love Pax Romano's blog. With categories like "Horror Movie Hunks," "Horror Movie DILFS," and "Fresh Slabs of Meat" (hot dead guys in horror flicks), plus photo-heavy synopsis of classic (and not-so-classic) horror films, BLS is always a gay old time. Oh, and let's not forget the "Dame Grand Guignol" category, celebrating ladies of strong will in exploitation cinema. What would a gay blog be without some divas?

Day of the Woman is a relatively new blog, but Brittney-Jade Colangelo has already shaken up the horror blogosphere with some no-nonsense opinion pieces on "The Ms. Horror Blogosphere Contest" (which she won) and most recently the bullying going on in Bloody Disgusting's 'Horror Blogger Awards.' But the main focus of the DotW is women in horror, and ya gotta love a pro-woman blog that takes its name from one of the least pro-woman films masquerading as a pro-woman film, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (aka The Day of the Woman). Chick-centric without being man-hating, DotW is just plain good writing and fun.

I'll be honest, I'm giving an award to the French Fears for Queers based mainly on my online interactions with the purveyor, "BB Jane Hudson," and the fact that, as far as I can tell, it's the only queer, French language horror blog on the net. And I love queer French horror! But seriously, "BBJane" is a sweet guy, and even though I don't speak French, I can tell his blog is lively and should be read by more French-speaking folks from North America!

Stillettos and Sneakers: The True Confessions of Alexandra Billings is a fascinating account of the transition from suburban Scott to actress/teacher Alexandra. Mixing memoiresque entries of her childhood and years in Chicago as a drag queen, homeless prostitute and heroin addict with current tales of working as an actress in Hollywood, Stillettos and Sneakers is the most upfront, brave and funny examination of what it means to be transgendered I've ever read. Oh, and she's a huge horror movie fan, and the first subject of a World AIDS Day to appear on Fangoria.com.

Thanks to all the blogs for being awesome and giving me even more reasons to be on the computer day and night! My husband, Matt, thanks you (because that means he can play video games for longer without me harping on him...)

And that, my friends, is that. Please take your award and move to the press room for post show interviews...